Welcome to the Gallagher Global Network Members' Area

Providing GGN partners with the tools, access and information needed to work with Gallagher to help grow your business. The benefits of this portal are:

  • Better access to Gallagher expertise including our primary contacts for Multinational Client accounts
  • A simple and collaborative way to communicate in and among our network
  • Greater availability of sales and marketing materials including links to AJG Websites, AJG Twitter and YouTube
  • Copies of useful documents
  • Direct access to the Foreign Policy Digest application
  • Upcoming event details

The backbone of this portal is a collaboration tool that allows simple and easy discussion among GGN partners and Gallagher experts alike. Ask a question, respond to a discussion, or comment on an event, and instantly engage with hundreds of insurance experts across the globe.

Surrounding these discussion threads will be a library of information to help drive business forward, as well as access to the tools needed to work together more efficiently.

We are excited about engaging with the Gallagher Global Network partners around the world.

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